Universities See Donors Cut Funding

Student protests against Israel have prompted some wealthy donors to stop funding universities. Columbia University (NY Post) and the University of Pennsylvania (CNN Business) have felt the wrath. “We only have one democracy in the Middle East — that’s Israel, okay?” said Leon Cooperman, a major donor to Columbia U.

He’s got a point there. Despite propaganda to the contrary Israel is a multi racial, multi ethnic, non sectarian democracy. The rights of LGBTQ people are protected. Thousands of people were protesting Netanyahu’s right wing settler ministers and their efforts to disarm the judiciary (NPR); until October 7th.

There have been some strange individuals allowed to influence young minds over the past few decades. The fascist giants of Mordor control their minions near and far, assigning them tasks depending upon their skills.

Kevin B MacDonald<<(you know the drill) is an evolutionary psychologist. He retired as a professor from CSU Long Beach. In 2008 the university disassociated itself with his teachings. One of his main theories is based on the “psychological evolution” of Jews who he says have become ethnocentric and smarter than white people. He is a Holocaust Apologist who claims the attempted extermination of Jews was a natural result of their threat to the white European race.

Did you know? The Doctor’s Trial in Nuremburg (1946-47) tried Nazi doctors for war crimes committed during the holocaust. For all their anti-intellectual rhetoric, there were some very educated Nazis.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke praised MacDonald’s work on his website. MacDonald has appeared on Duke’s radio program on multiple occasions, saying he agrees with the “vast majority” of Duke’s statements (Wikipedia).

J Phillipe Rushton (December 3, 1943 – October 2, 2012) was a Canadian psychologist who taught at York University, the University of Toronto and University of Western Ontario. He became well known for research on race and intelligence, race and crime, and other purported racial correlations to intelligence. From 2002 until his death, he served as the head of the Pioneer Fund, an organization founded in 1937 to promote eugenics.

MacDonald testified in the unsuccessful libel suit brought by the holocaust denier David Irving against the American historian Deborah Lipstadt. MacDonald was the only witness who testified in support of Irving.

Dr John J Mearsheimer is a professor of political science and international relations at Chicago University. He blames Vlad Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on US policy and President Biden. He believes it is natural for Russia to attack it’s nearest neighbors who want to align themselves with the west. He doesn’t address the start of the hostilities were in 2014 when Ukraine ousted then President Viktor Yanukovich.

Mearsheimer is best known for developing the theory of offensive realism, which describes the interaction between great powers as being primarily driven by the rational desire to achieve regional hegemony in an anarchic international system. In accordance with his theory, Mearsheimer believes that China’s growing power will likely bring it into conflict with the United States. In The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Mearsheimer argues that the Israeli lobby wields disproportionate influence over US foreign policy. – WIkipedia

To break this down Mearsheimer believes the international community is one of Anarchy and that it must change; ie a New World Order. Saying China will come into conflict with the US is like saying the sky is blue. Criticizing the Israeli and US alliance is confirmation the New World Order he envisions is one that will not include Jews.

Mearsheimer has stated that the real threat to the world in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia not Iran (Mehr News Agency). He also tells us Israel and Saudi Arabia, two US allies, are the sources of terrorism. Who’s side is this clown on? It should be obvious Mearsheimer and Putin are taking directives from the same source.