Making the World Safe For Marxism

The glory which is built upon a lie soon becomes a most unpleasant incumbrance. … How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” – Samuel Clemens

The unofficial propaganda machine has been spinning a tall tale of the Russia Ukraine War. Most of it is quasi- right wingers claiming that Ukraine is losing the war and funding them further is not in US interests. The “information” about the war is simply Tass News agency falsehoods.

The true story is easy to see. In the article Ukraine in Maps: Tracking the War With Russia (BBC), there is a section that shows the evolution of the ground war in maps. The section is entitled “How Military Control of Ukraine has Changed”. From it you can see Russia’s control of Ukraine territory decreased drastically since the initial invasion.

Putin is trying to keep his ranks full after incredible losses. Chechen volunteers, Wagner Group mercenaries and now Serbs and Croats ( and women (Newsweek). Russians have been conscripted up to the age of 49. They are given one month of training and sent to fight determined Ukrainian fighters (CNN). Yesterday, Vlad Putin‘s government announced an end to the recruitment drive claiming they had achieved their goal of 300K new recruits (NPR).

Meanwhile the Russian push on the city of Avdiivka is failing spectacularly. It is estimated the Russians have lost 102 tanks, 183 armored vehicles and suffered 2,840 deaths in one of their worst weeks since the invasion.

That push is an attempt to exploit perceived weakness while Ukraine forces advance on western Zaporizhzhia and others on Bakhmut (Newsweek). In the face of these successes Belarus president for life and Putinophile Alexander Lukashenko says the war is a stalemate and encourages talks (Reuters on MSN). Imagine that.

The propaganda is an effort to get the US to stop funding Ukraine. It is parroted by the “alt-right” worshipers of the giant Phil (claims he was Rommel but wasn’t). Phil’s ego can’t handle that his next empire wasn’t able to sweep Ukraine off the map.

To this end Vlad has obediently recruited more soldiers. Matt Gaetz and bumbling democrats sabotaged the House; resulting in a pro Trump President of the House. Presumably Phil and Co’s manipulations are in the hope the US halts funding to Ukraine. Not only would this help Vladimir but seriously corrupt the US’s standing in NATO. Our NATO allies assisted the US in a $1.9T war in Iraq under false pretenses; for us not to help Ukraine at our allies’ behest is dishonorable. A lack of will on our part may encourage further Russian aggression and will not discourage aggressive intentions of other nations in the world.

To distract from all this Phil and his rapists gave their man Ismael Haniyeh the go ahead to pull off their long planned attack on Israeli citizens. It was an effort to start a larger war in the Middle East. Ben Gvir simply ignored the warnings and now no one is thinking about Ukraine, or the US House of Representatives.