Taking the Souls

Understanding the brainwashed serial killers function for the fascist rapist sorcerer giant is enlightening. The serial killers are programmed and handled, sometimes to the point of having “lost time.” Some of them believe they will be the benefactors of their exploits, will have the souls they kill as lovers in their future lifetimes. The truth is the Controllers and the handlers will be the ones who own them. They will be re-raped, reprogrammed between lifetimes.

It is easy to see that a gay Controller and his handlers will be handling the victims of gay serial killers like John Wayne Gayce ( Case Study 18). The gay boys provide sex for their new masters and are excellent additions to their political efforts. It takes someone gay to make a political opponent appear gay. Of course this doesn’t work unless the society doesn’t accept gay people. A society where being gay is dangerous encourages gays to seek the protection of someone powerful; a gay priest for example.

Did you know? John Wayne Gayce claimed he could control the souls of his victims after he buried them under his house

The Controller with the souls of women harvested from the likes of Ted Bundy (Case Study 15) will be the “master of witches.” The victims, in their new lifetime, don’t remember their last one. Their faith in their current master and willingness to believe anything he says is based in subconscious fear. They were tortured and raped into submission between lifetimes.

How do a pack of unrepentant rapists and child molesters convince women they are protectors of feminism?

A simpler way to harvest souls is to create a religion that kills the desired people for them. Tossing gay people off cliffs or buildings, stoning women accused of adultery vastly simplify this task. The people killed don’t necessarily have to be gay or “adulterers” they may have simply been accused of these “crimes.”

Genesis 12:5 And Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had acquired, and the souls they had acquired in Haran, and they went to go to the land of Canaan, and they came to the land of Canaan.

The rapists have always helped their masters play god, and have assisted them in designing societies. The societies are engineered to make them easier to infiltrate and manipulate. Their efforts are designed to perpetually keep them on top in the 4th D and the rest of the aware under their thumb; easy to kill and use as batteries and puppets. They are still on top – and have been for a very long time.

*It looks like a fascist giant has a dome in Dagestan (CNN). That explains a lot. He’s wealthy and probably white.

Xi, or his handler, is looking to expand his share of the harvest (BBC)

Hermann Brill
Jeffrey Dahmer

On the left is the birth chart of Hermann Brill. Brill was a German politician who was opposed Hitler’s rise to power “at any time, anywhere and under every circumstance.” He was a member of the German Social Democrats Party but left when their failure to oppose the Nazis became an embarrassment. He formed a resistance group called the Duetsch Volksfort. He was later imprisoned in the Buchwald concentration camp. After World War II he helped form the Constitution of the New German Republic and later became a professor of political science.

On the right is the birth chart of Jeffrey Dahmer. Another brainwashed semi zombie harvesting souls. He attempted crude lobotomies on some of his captives and preserved and/or consumed some of their body parts. He was trying to create a love slave. Known to have committed at least 17 murders, he was diagnosed as a psychotic. He died in 1994, beaten to death by a fellow inmate.