There’s an bigger war going on than the one in Gaza. On Tuesday Russia shelled more than 100 settlements in a 24 hour period. A senior UN official says that more than 18 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance. He said 9,900 Ukraine civilians have been confirmed killed by Russian forces but the number is certainly higher. North Korea has been sending ammunition to Russia including at least 1 million artillery rounds (The Guardian).

Ukraine is moving into a stalemate situation as winter weather moves in, buying time for Russia to rearm and reinforce it’s troops.

On October 3rd the US House of Representatives, led by malcontent Matt Gaetz, ousted speaker Kevin McCarthy. This action has delayed aid to Ukraine. On October 4th Egypt warned Israel of suspicious Hamas movements in Gaza. Ben Gvir, Minister of Israeli National Security, seemed to ignore the warning. Everyone knows what Ismael Haniyeh‘s Hamas Derliwangers did on October 7th. Many forgot what has been happening in Ukraine.

I’m sure Vladimir Putin, and his gods, are very happy with these events.