From Rags to Dictator

The rise to power of Hugo Chavez warrants a more detailed investigation. How does a man born in utter poverty and of mixed race in a society not devoid of racism rise to take over his country. That he received a secondary education is an amazing feat. Many in Venezuela during his youth couldn’t even read.

We might further compare this to Manuel Noriega’s take over of Panama. He was born in similar circumstances; a mestizo who’s parents died while he was a child in a country where one’s last name can mean the difference between poverty and vast wealth. Yet he received a good education and rose through the ranks of the military to become the ruler of the nation.

We have researched their past lives. Noriega was Rudolph van Slaten, a Austrian General who had an extraordinary life. Chavez had been a high ranking Nazi, Richard Walther Darre. I have pointed out the place of a person’s reincarnation can be tactical in nature. In other words, they were put there to fulfill a purpose. That they were born in the lower classes gave them the ability to garner the admiration of the masses. Through rhetoric and demagoguery they could rally the fury of the mobs.

As they advanced in their careers they were, seemingly through luck, befriended by people with excellent connections. Chavez only spent two years in jail for an attempted coup. It’s reminiscent of Hitler’s 9 months for his attempt at an insurrection. Noriega became head of the country when his boss’ plane crashed.

Did these men lead exceptionally lucky lives? Were God and his angels leading them through minefield lives to rise to power? Absolutely not. They were guided by those who put them there or their underlings. They were there to take over two strategic countries in the western hemisphere. One had large reserves of oil and is an OPEC member (Venezuela) and the other has the canal connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic (Panama).

Going through the effort to put them in those nations warrants a Controller or a Handler to make sure they succeed in taking power. It wasn’t God guiding them it was powerful guys out of their bodies looking out for them. Bringing problems for those in the way and benefiting those who helped their charges. They were both Socialists which is significant. Had the Business Plot succeeded the United States would have been controlled by fascists and World War II would have gone a different direction. As it is they moved their Empire to the Americas.

We could make similar comparisons with former leaders of Iran and Iraq. When the Ayatollah Khomeini was in exile the Shah was driven insane. Then the Carter administration and the French government were persuaded to let Khomeini return as a peaceful spiritual leader. He had been put there to take over. His Controllers wanted him back where they put him.