Dictators and Politics

Tyrants don’t look at politics or religion the way normal people do. The reason is intent. Most people look at politics as a means to advance the common good. People don’t always agree on the steps the government should and shouldn’t take, but that’s normal. The struggle results, ideally, in a step in the right direction. Tyrants look at the system as something to manipulate to facilitate their own wants.

The problem arises when tyrants are the ones dictating beliefs to people. By this I mean controlling both sides in conflict over a specific issue. From those positions they can feign a political contest and ensure their agenda gets carried out. The political beliefs of the political parties have no meaning to them, they don’t believe in democracy anyway. They plan to take over and kill off the “undesirables.” They also intend to alter society to facilitate infiltrating the higher echelons and taking over in their next lifetime. The charade helps conceal them and their actions from people and from history.

In this way they can rig the system, and people’s brains, to achieve their goals without anyone realizing what’s going on. To accomplish this they have to play at being enemies. On one issue it’s, “wow that side won this time.” And “wow the other side won that time.” To understand the agenda one must observe the contest and figure out where they were successful and where they weren’t.

One clue is the tactics used. An example would be the strategy of letting the protesters in DC run amok and detaining Portland protesters, then releasing them. The idea is to discover who they are, then let them back into the pool to see who they swim with. QAnon types and Portland liberals are not on the same page politically.The controllers don’t care about that. What they are trying to figure out is who in those groups are aware and who is dictating their actions. It is not “the government” or the Masons (or the Jews), it’s the guys installed in government who know what they are looking for. Their masters don’t like competition on the other plane.

Sometimes I wonder if the players are aware of what they are doing; playing along as puppets, or completely unaware. I have come to the conclusion that it varies. Some of them know and some don’t. One thing is for certain, they don’t let people into positions of power until they have something on them. They like it when people confess their sins to them.

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