Groups in Conflict

It should be apparent the Controllers like to take over religious and political groups. One group they took over was the QAnnon movement. They couldn’t destroy it with a terrorist attack, so they hijacked it. It has been used to disseminate some interesting misinformation. The Republic of Rome, formed by twin brothers Romulus and Remus was taken over the by 7 gods. They destroyed democracy and turned it into an Empire. Later the Romans took over Christianity and formed the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

Taking over a democracy with it’s branches and important politicians is difficult. IT was accomplished in Germany by getting their puppet Hitler elected to office. They can have their guys infiltrate the government, military, law enforcement and churches easily enough. But democracies are complex.

It’s much easier for them to take over a hierarchical control structure. A soul can be put in a king’s unborn offspring and be helped to rise to power. One of their guys would now run the targeted country. The Catholic Church is also a hierarchy. If they are forming a new government it will invariably be of that nature. If they take over the end result will be a dictatorship. This social engineering is so they will be able to easily rise to power in future nations, and eventually the one world government they hope to rule the world with, in future lifetimes.

A group like the Taliban would be easy for them to take over. It would also be the type of organization they would create. It is a group that is elitist, male dominated, strict and affords the leaders easy excuses to harvest souls similar to other societies they have created.

If they did control such a group we would expect some strange help from an unexpected place to reach them. They wouldn’t want a group they control to be destroyed when an opportune moment arises.

If they can take over more than one group they can control a conflict between them. By influencing the leaders of different groups, they can decide which will come out on top. They can make one leader look good and others look incompetent or even evil. An event, say a terrorist attack, can be blamed on a past leader’s incompetence. An angry programmed Vietnamese refugee blowing up an RNC headquarters because the US pulled out of the conflict could be blamed on Nixon. A heavy handed response like herding all the Vietnamese to camps would be on the president who was guided to do it.