Covid and Karl

Fromm and his cohorts in Mordor hijacked the QAnon movement a while back. It’s what he and his guys do. Anything that has power or the potential for it their greedy minds feel the need to own, just like Konstantine I. In the last episode we highlighted some of the propaganda that arose from that take over. Let’s look at one.

The rise of the Covid 19 pandemic also gave rise to QAnon ( or QFromm) conspiracy theories about it. The main theory is the disease either doesn’t exist or is not all that fatal. The question here is, why the hell would that be the main theory? It quite obviously exists as witnessed in Seattle and New York. City dwellers are acutely more aware of it because they could see the carnage. Rural people and people from smaller cities didn’t have the direct and observable results to deal with.

We can learn from the theories about the left rigging the election to get Biden in office. Didn’t happen. Biden won by a solid 7 million votes. What did happen, in 2016, is that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million to Hillary Clinton but somehow managed to win the election. If there was election fraud it was in 2016 and it got Trump elected. It was rigged to the advantage of the right, not the left. Trump and Fromm’s loud and incessant bewailing of the 2020 election is simply to hide the truth of the 2016 election.

That’s Fromm’s (and his Trump puppet’s) M.O.

Why, according to the QAnon types, does Covid 19 not exist? Why are the vaccines supposedly making people sterile, carrying micro chips and changing people into space aliens? Maybe someone wants more people to die from it. More souls to reprogram.

The Covid 19 virus came from Wuhan China, where a lab doing research on similar viruses is located. This lab was receiving funding from the US government’s NAIAD under the direction of Dr Anthony Fauci. It wasn’t receiving much money, about $3.5 M. It is enough to lay blame on the US if the disease was discovered to be man made. I wonder if the Communist Chinese have any loyalty to Karl Marx?