Fromm Got In Trouble Another Time

If psychic abilities exist all leaders of governments, religious leaders and captains of industry do have those abilities. There is no possibility they don’t. If one of these positions were to be filled by someone that isn’t he or she would be easily outmaneuvered and their position lost to someone who who was. Someone guided by a powerful sorcerer (Controller) would be able to rise more quickly than anyone else. They would be a wonder boy.

Fromm, that is to say Abraham, has been in trouble with establishment psychics more than once. He calls himself Rommel, and has since he guided James Earl Ray in 1968, to hide his true identity for future lifetimes. He didn’t ride a tank however. He’s not all that worried about the common folk; they never fight back anyway. Hence the term “common.”

He intends to wipe out as many of those common psychics as possible. They won’t remember anything next time for it is doubtful they will leave themselves a long term, discernible warning. He plans on doing this by convincing the establishment it’s a good idea. They don’t understand why they too listen and believe his lies. It’s because they too will be/were part of his and his cohorts witch burning. See the The Strange Battle for Castle Itter.

Most recently Fromm has been in trouble for using (guiding) Donald Trump during his presidency and because his buddies hijacked QAnon. They have been using this online influence to convince people not to get the covid vaccine, promote anti Hollywood propaganda related to disappearing children, and accuse the left of election rigging. Read those three things a few times over and think about it.

Trump won the presidency in 2016 with a 3 million vote deficit. The “Big Lie” about the 2020 election is a way to divert attention away from the earlier election fraud.

These falsehoods got Fromm into trouble because the establishment psychics know about he and his group of rapists and their manipulation of the QAnon types. To get out of trouble Fromm presented them with a proposition. He got Trump and the Qanon types riled up. They set up the Jan 6 demonstrations. Fromm made sure the National Guard would be delayed.

They set up an opportunity for the NSA to identify the most active QAnon believers with means who would show up. They can now be followed, investigated and those they associate can also be discovered. Fromm arranged this to to win “the trust” of the establishment psychics he had previously scared. What he really did was create a list of some “common” aware folks for his planned holocaust.

They did the same in Portland during the protests with black cars and private security contractors assigned by William Barr.

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