Lying MFs

Why do crimes occur where someone is killed at say, a liquor store, and the take is $300 or so? What is the sense of risking a murder rap for such a paltry amount? The answer; the crime is not committed for the money. It’s a gang initiation. The weapon used is turned over to the gang boss who carefully puts it in a ziplock bag and throws it in the safe. If the initiate goes against him or the gang, they can give the weapon to the police.

Like an initiation to a gang, Controllers don’t let people get up (out of body) unless they have something on them. That is why John baptised Jesus; so people could learn to do these things themselves. That is why in Constantine I‘s Catholic Church one confesses sins to a priest, so they have dirt on the person. The hypocrisy should be obvious.

Controllers do not work alone. Their real power comes in the manipulation of others. This is why they kill children. They can get dirt on them, manipulate their minds and get them to serve when they reincarnate. They can even brainwash them between lifetimes and when they are young. They can make sure they stay more powerful and knowledgeable than their victims. In this way there is no competition to their dominance even when they move to another lifetime.

By surrounding themselves with servants they have dirt on they can control an entire town. They own some police especially the officers, they own the priest, they own a few criminals and politicians. This is how they protect themselves. Someone they don’t like can be set up for a crime they didn’t commit, put on the street, even killed.

They can, if they have enough people under control, do the same in someone else’s town by infiltrating the targeted place with their own guys. Shoftim (Judges) 19-21 (

The main Controllers have at least one buddy they call in today’s slang, their motherfucker. It’s crude but fitting. Their mf is the guy who does their dirty work. Raping and beating up women and men, torturing and etc. It’s a sort of god / satan or ra / anubis thing if you follow my meaning. The Controller has something on their mf that keeps them under their Controller’s thumb.

Fromm, who calls himself Rommel but isn’t, has a few mfs. His mf will also call Fromm Rommel. Sometimes he’ll make excuses saying Fromm didn’t know he wasn’t Rommel. But then Fromm lies and says he went to Vietnam. He didn’t but the real Rommel did-that’s why the lie. One of them lies about his own identity as well, calling himself Fromm’s son’s sifu. His son’s sifu is The Bear.

Someone, presumably Fromm’s mf but possibly another mf from Mordor has been going around puppeteering or “handling” people to assault oriental people close to The Bear’s house. The locality is chosen to make it appear to be The Bear’s fault.

The people who are arrested (the puppets) claim it’s because of the Covid disease. The one controlling them is putting this thought into their heads (by believing it himself) while compelling them to act. The real reason is many oriental people in the US are here to escape communist or socialist tyranny. They are against Marxism and Fromm doesn’t like that.