Where To Next?

Controllers can pick your next incarnation’s family, or specifically, your next mother. You will be born an untouchable because they don’t like you or royalty because they know you will cooperate. Controllers are human; not gods or aliens from another planet. They reincarnate like everyone else.

Some examples of their subjects (servants) are;

We know they were putting their boys into specific countries back in the 1920’s. We know they were German in that lifetime. The countries are strategically oriented. All of the “chosen” utilized or intended to utilize socialism to control the economies of their respective nations.

These men had to be assisted to positions of power. When one was exiled (Ruhollah Khomeini) extraordinary measures were taken. The Shah was driven to go overboard on his people by suspending the constitution That created a backlash in Iranian society. The president of the US, Jimmy Carter, was coerced into assisting Khomeini’s return to Iran believing he would bring peace. Instead, Khomeini joined and took over the opposition forces in the Iranian Revolution.

Where will the Ayatollah be next? Current reincarnation rates are approximately 1 1/2 years. After spending this time in the Caliphate of Fromm getting his 72 virgins ( some probably boys – Case Study 4) he’ll be on his way towards his next assignment.

They were in Germany and now they are in Mordor. Where will they be next time? Predicting the future is the point of researching the past.

They can choose were to reincarnate with their minions. They simply kill their ronins off, reprogram them and put them where they want them. Then they follow by getting put in the same nation. To become older than their minions they must kill them off after the Controllers are reborn.

They will attempt to torch the nation they leave behind to cover their tracks and not have to worry about competition. They will attack that nation from their next position in their next lifetime. If they can’t torch it they will do their best to weaken it, in this case the US.

The next nation(s) they choose will have to meet certain criteria. They will want one of their own to be the ruler. A dictatorship is preferable. If the nation is a democracy they will want people with wealth and power to be eagerly waiting their rebirth. The leader(s) must be made to believe the Controllers will be on their side. Sincere or not they must sell it during this lifetime.

The United States’ government seems incapable of standing up to President for Life Vladimir Putin. The US and it’s allies stood idly by when Russia annexed Abkhazia, South Ossetia and the Crimea (blog).

The Syrian Civil War pitted US backed revolutionaries against Bashir al-Assad. The Russian Federation is backing Assad with the excuse they have a naval base in Syria. When things were going well for the revolutionaries, suddenly as if Allah himself willed it, up pops ISIS. They have confused the situation and confounded the efforts of the revolutionaries. It’s difficult to play god (or rather, the angel Gabriel) to Muslim jihadists. A Controller must speak Arabic and be familiar with the Koran.

Examples of American jihadists are the Beltway Snipers who met at the Bellingham WA YMCA.