Libya (Part 2)

Libya was ruled for four decades by socialist dictator Muammar Gaddafi. He routinely violated human rights and sponsored terrorism. The Libyan Civil War started in February of 2011 as part of the Arab Spring. The result was the capture and death of Gaddafi on 20 October.

Since that time different armed Islamic groups have competed for dominance with each other and the elected central government. The UN military mission began in March of 2011 and ended on 31 October.

The United States created an embassy to show support for the newly formed democracy. Salafist Muslims (allegedly Ansar al-Sharia) attacked the lightly protected US buildings in Benghazi. The group later refuted the attack claiming the assault was the result of a spontaneous riot. The action ended the US diplomatic mission.

Khalifa Haftar and his militia made a name for himself by attacking Ansar al-Sharia forces. Haftar had been previously backed by the United States and had made a failed coup attempt against Gaddafi in 1996. In November of 2011 the elected representative government (General National Congress-GNC) made him the leader of Libya’s National Army (LNA). A star was born.

The attack on Benghazi served to get the US to abandon it’s mission and make a hero of Haftar. The blame was laid upon then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton has no military experience, acts on the advice of the military and was cleared by 10 different congressional investigations. Controller media (right wing “underground” conspiracy channels) continue to accuse her for their manufactured event. If you don’t get it read about Finding Allah.

He touts an anti-radical Islamic stance but officials believe this to be overstated. He maintains his allegiance with several Islamic movements including some Salafist movements in Eastern Libya. He attacked elements of the Derna Mujahideen Shura Council, known for ousting elements of the Islamic State in the Levant from their region. He remained allied with the September 17th Martyrs Brigade which famously did not respond to requests for help from the US embassy staff.

In 2014 Haftar began a coup attempt by announcing the end of the GNC. He urged Libyans to overthrow the Congress and have new elections. The statements did not result in action by the civilian populace and the attempt was dismissed as ridiculous. He was dismissed from command in May.

He built his own private army and took over territory in Eastern Libya. From there he launched an assault on Tripoli. As of August of 2016 Haftar has refused to support the UN Security Council recognized Government of National Accord. This led the US to deem him to being the biggest obstacle to peace in Libya.

In November 2016 Haftar began courting the support of Russian Federation President for Life Vladimir Putin. He received medical treatment for LNA troops and Russian printed Libyan dinars (money) for his Tobruk based government. He made a deal that will allow the Russians to build two military bases in Libya.

In 2019 his LNA launched an assault on the UN recognized government in Tripoli. The assault failed but his LNA has retained control of it’s eastern territory.

In 2019 the United Nations began an investigation into everybody’s favorite military contractor Erik Prince. Prince and his Frontier Service Group supported Haftar with military equipment and attempted to procure helicopter gunships for his LNA (al-Monitor)

Haftar has been accused of war crimes by Amnesty International, Three suits have been filed against him in US Federal Court for torture and human rights violations.

Haftar has announced his candidacy for the Libyan presidential elections due to take place in December of 2021. He is the obvious Controller choice for the office.