Trump’s Controller

From yesterday’s post, and those on Dec 21st and Dec 22nd; we can determine the Controller who was using Donald Trump was Karl Marx (or Fromm who was always claiming to be Rommel). He is one of those behind the creation of the Neo Cons. They have been using the Neo Cons to sabotage our economy to stimulate a socialist uprising. When the Neo Cons lost favor they installed Trump. His purpose was to make the Tea Partier / anti Neo Cons look bad and get right wing voters back in the Neo Con fold.

Shouldn’t be too surprising, the Controller Giants have been trying to destroy democracy since it’s most recent inception.

The French Revolution was completely sabotaged. It was turned into a farce, a display of pettiness and murder. In the end France emerged as a dictatorship ruled by Napolean.

Marx spent his lifetime inventing two philosophies. They replace capitalism (decentralized economics) with complete governmental control of the economy. They replace democracy with one party rule. They espouse the elimination of the Jews. They are packaged to be a way the working class can “win.” The two forms are presented as antagonistic so there can be constant war while no one realizes both sides are being controlled by the same people.