Another Persecuted Peoples

In yesterday’s post (A Common Thread Revisited) we talked about the persistent persecution of the Jews at the hands of the giant Abraham (Phil) and his buddies from Bereishit (Genesis). A quick look around the world’s political scene will show us other groups of people who are being persecuted – for the same reason. The “gods” want to hide their past.

One such group of people are the Yazidis. It is believed (debated) the Yazidis are part of the same ethnic group as the Kurds. Their religion is called Yazidism and is based in Iranian pre-Zoroastrian monotheism. The Yazidis have their own story about Adam. The Jewish version isn’t the oldest one.

In the Yazidi myth of creation, Tawûsê Melek refused to bow before Adam(Phil), the first human, when God ordered the Seven Angels to do so.The command was actually a test, meant to determine which of these angels was most loyal to God by not prostrating themselves to someone other than their creator. A popular Yazidi story narrates the fall of Tawûsê Melek and his subsequent rejection by humanity, with the exception of the Yazidis. Yazidis are called Miletê Tawûsê Melek (“the nation of Tawûsê Melek”).Wikipedia

The problem comes with the Abrahamic religions interpretation that Tawuse Malek is Satan. They call the Yazidis “Satan Worshipers,” Yazidis find this offensive. In their view the problems of the world are because Adam is playing god.

The Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims but have other religions (see Kurd Religions). The Kurds and Yazidis have experienced contemporary persecutions by different groups. Recently many Kurds have been converting to Zoroastrianism.

  • Saddam Hussein‘s Iraqi forces attacked Kurd (and Yazidi) villages and used gas on their population. They used bulldozers to bury bodies in mass graves.VOANews
  • Ruhollah Khomeini‘s Shia Iranian forces have continuously persecuted Kurds and Yazidis.
  • Recap Erdogan‘s Turkey considers the Kurdish PKK a terrorist organization. They have persecuted Yazidis and Kurds. Recently Erdogan threatened to attack Kurds in Syria. They did attack these groups when they took over the US zone vacated during Trump’s presidency.
  • ISIS (or ISIL) forces have murdered, tortured and enslaved Yazidis and Kurds incessantly.
  • The United States considers the PKK to be a terrorist organization.

Abraham doesn’t like the Yazidis or Kurds it seems.

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