Another Feminist Child

This woman is Canadian writer Madeleine Ferron (July 24, 1922 – February 27, 2010). A native of Quebec, most of her writing was in French. She is yet another feminist Canadian author to appear in the case studies. Her brother Jacques was also a writer and her sister, Marcelle was an contemporary artist.

“Le Peuplement de la Terre” (“Be Fruitful and Multiply”) is a short story she penned about a woman who bore a dozen children, got old and senile and died. It’s an interesting take on the dutiful woman’s life ascribed to by conservative society.

Like other Quebec women writers, such as Marie Claire Blais and Gabrielle Roy, Ferron turns on its head the myth of the tireless, dutiful and fulfilled mother, happy to serve God and country by producing offspring ” (ejournals)

Madame Ferron won numerous awards for her published works and passed away in Quebec in 2010.

This girl is Alithia Haven Ramirez ( April 28, 2012 – May 24, 2022). She was a victim of the Uvalde Elementary mass shooting perpetrated by Salvador Ramos. 19 4th grade students and 2 teachers lost their lives. Alithia enjoyed playing soccer and hoped to attend art school in Paris.

Ramos spent the entire hour before police stopped him in the 4th grade classes. It was said he had a difficult time while he was a 4th grade student. I’m sure he believed that. More likely his handler was targeting a specific soul or souls along with Ramos. If the former is true they had little go on, if the latter is true they were being systematic. The Controllers of Mordor like to harvest children.

When the Controllers of Mordor wanted to force Amanda Knox back to their fiefdom they made her life hell in the place where she was, Italy. They harvested her friend Gabriel Roy (Meredith Kercher) and blamed it on Knox and her boyfriend. They do the same on out of body trips to the SW with their army of fascist rapists.

Phil stays close to the Canadian border because one of the Controllers lives in Beautiful BC. Arcan Cetan shot up The Cascade Mall because his handler wanted him to take blame away from the Controllers in the area for child murder and show their “noble” cause of gun control (see Case Study 4). The Controllers of Mordor created the Uvalde Elementary shooting to harvest souls and promote gun control. These giant fascists are just people after all, they wouldn’t want anyone hunting them down.