We take in energy when our body is relaxed enough to do so. That’s why we dream in the mornings before waking up. It takes that long for most people to relax enough for the energy to flow. Dreams are a different topic for a later time.

We can train ourselves to relax with certain meditation and physical techniques. Once we learn how we can take in energy any time we like. One can also learn to expel that energy; get rid of it.

The giants are as large as they are because they are taking in energy. Without a body the soul cannot access the energy. This is true of the dead and those traveling outside of their body. To gain energy the giants take it from people. Have you ever woke up more tired than you were when you went to sleep?

If you sleep in the day, hidden in a coffin to avoid their detection, they’ll call you the vampire, and send the faithful to put a stake through your heart.

To take in energy from people who are awake one method is to latch onto someone from behind. They attempt to pull up on that persons center to take in their energy. If you can push up on their center you can take the energy back. Generally if you fight back they will get their buddies to help them – resistance is futile.

This is what the handlers are doing to those they are glommed onto. You’ll notice religious texts will say a person who only shows three chakras ( the lower three) is a demon. Actually it is a out of body handler who has the persons other chakras covered up with his own upper energy body. He is taking the energy from the person he’s covering. If you see the person you will see a different face than the person’s physical one. The one doing this to the person is also just a living person.

This technique can help the out of body person stay out longer and, with enough practice, can get them between lifetimes. At least that’s the theory.

A person trained to open themselves up, particularly the root, is valuable to these vampires; they provide more energy. However, they usually don’t want that person to learn how to use it themselves. The person is simply a more efficient battery. The evil ones wont let someone up until they have dirt on them – think Jeffrey Epstein here.

How does one of the big fascist Controllers appear as light energy? The technique is generally to use dark at night and blue in the day – to blend in with the sky. The dark is more useful to them so in the day it’s sometimes blue over dark. The same is true if they use light. The way they gain the blue is from sleeping people. The people with light souls, particularly women, are highly sought after. If they are kept in one place they can be used by a big fascist giant to appear as an angel of light.

To gain these women they would take them into their harem. People were thinking more about sex and mystique than batteries for a Pharaoh to appear as a god with. Another method is to harvest (kill) them and take the soul to their fiefdom to reincarnate. They search far and wide for these people.

Through abuse they can be reduced to a weakened mental state that won’t allow them to leave. Often times these strong willed women are influential and successful so the abuse and programming between lifetimes and after their rebirth is piled on. Age is not a factor to the fascist sorcerers; they consider themselves to be gods, although they are just humans like everyone else.

This woman is Canadian writer Madeleine Ferron (July 24, 1922 – February 27, 2010). A native of Quebec, most of her writing was in French. She is yet another feminist Canadian author to appear in the case studies. Her brother Jacques was also a writer and her sister, Marcelle, an contemporary artist.

“Le Peuplement de la Terre” (“Be Fruitful and Multiply”) is a short story she penned about a woman who bore a dozen children, got old and senile and died. It’s an interesting take on the dutiful woman’s life ascribed to by conservative society.

Like other Quebec women writers, such as Marie Claire Blais and Gabrielle Roy, Ferron turns on its head the myth of the tireless, dutiful and fulfilled mother, happy to serve God and country by producing offspring ” (ejournals)

Madame Ferron won numerous awards for her published works and passed away in Quebec in 2010.

This girl is Alithia Haven Ramirez ( April 28, 2012 – May 24, 2022). She was a victim of the Uvalde Elementary mass shooting perpetrated by Salvador Ramos. 19 4th grade students and 2 teachers lost their lives. Alithia enjoyed playing soccer and hoped to attend art school in Paris.

Ramos spent the entire hour before police stopped him in the 4th grade classes. It was said he had a difficult time while he was a 4th grade student. I’m sure he believed that. More likely his handler was targeting a specific soul or souls along with Ramos. If the former is true they had little go on, if the latter is true they were being systematic. The Controllers of Mordor like to harvest children.

When the Controllers of Mordor wanted to force Amanda Knox back to their fiefdom they made her life hell in the place where she was, Italy. They harvested her friend Gabriel Roy (Meredith Kercher) and blamed it on Knox and her boyfriend. They do the same on out of body trips to the SW with their army of fascist rapists.

Phil stays close to the Canadian border because one of the Controllers lives in Beautiful BC. Arcan Cetan shot up The Cascade Mall because his handler wanted him to take blame away from the Controllers in the area for child murder and show their “noble” cause of gun control (see Case Study 4). The Controllers of Mordor created the Uvalde Elementary shooting to harvest souls and promote gun control. These giant fascists are just people after all, they wouldn’t want anyone hunting them down.