The Lies

How does Phil (calls himself Rommel but wasn’t) go from handling James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther King, to being an “environmentalist” while working for an oil company, to barking commands to George Bush Jr to invade Afghanistan and Iraq – to handling Trump to get him to pull out of Afghanistan?

How does he then go to trading places with his son’s mentor?

He does this with lies. Gradually and consistently lying. He lies, acts out the lies and his buddies repeat the lies. Some people see it and many do not. The ones who believe the lies do so because they are afraid. The fear is in their subconscious and they don’t know why. Their minds flip and believe the obviously untrue because it makes them feel safe. Here is the reason why.

John 8:44 (Jesus speaking to the Pharisees) “You are from your father, the devil, and you prefer to do what your father wants. He was a murderer from the start; he was never grounded in the truth; there is no truth in him at all. When he lies he is speaking true to his nature, because he is a liar, and the father of lies...55 Your father Abraham rejoiced to think that he would see my Day; he saw it and was glad.

The other giant fascist Controllers don’t mind appearing evil or doing Phil’s dirty work. They don’t mind taking the blame for his crimes. He is the one who will play politics and attempt to look like the “good guy” in order to deceive the nations. Even if he needs to have his identity changed.

Last time his puppet was Hitler.

Karl Harrer
James Earl Ray

On the left is the death chart of Karl Harrer founder of the DAP or Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the German Worker’s Party. This organization would later morph into the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei better known as the NAZI party. Hitler was sent by German Military intelligence to infiltrate the party and ended up transforming it from a semi secret society into a populist movement. Harrer left the organization as he was opposed to this transformation. Harrer was a right wing political author and white supremacist. Hitler honored him with the title Reichs Chancellor.

On the right is the birth chart of James Earl Ray. Ray was deeply interested in the election campaign of George Wallace and his segregationist stance. He was also interested in emigrating to Rhodesia to live in an apartheid like society. Ray is best known for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

There are many conspiracy theories involving the FBI, Military Intelligence, the Memphis PD and others. One theory is about a 2nd white Ford Mustang (like the one driven by Ray) being parked on the same block as the hotel where Ray had checked in. Later a car chase (pursuit of a white Mustang) ensued that lured the police north, while Ray drove south out of town. Officials deny the chase ever took place, effectively whitewashing this theory.

Ray went to Canada, London, Portugal and back to London. He was attempting to go to Rwanda were he thought he would be welcome as a hero. Or rather where his guide (pretending to be someone he wasn’t) thought he would. He was arrested there two months after the assassination. He plead guilty and avoided the death penalty. Three days after his conviction he recanted his confession.

James Earl Ray was probably not brainwashed but was guided by handlers. The handlers were still in their 20’s, honing their skills.

One thing we can say for sure, it’s difficult to start a race war when a influential black man is stumping for peace. See Case Study 10.