Giants Don’t Like Democracy

Above; Bill Gates‘ Microsoft HQ in Redmond WA

One of the many strange things that has happened in the last 4 or 5 decades was the phenomena of election rigging and allegations associated with it. 5 US presidents have been elected by the electoral college after having lost the popular vote. According to

  • John Quincy Adams in 1824
  • Rutherford B Hayes in 1876
  • Benjamin Harrison in 1888
  • George Bush Jr in 2000
  • Donald Trump in 2016

The elections in 2000 pitted George Bush Jr and Al Gore. The whole grand affair came down to Florida that carried 25 electoral votes. According to the count Gore received 2,912,253 and Bush received 2,912,790. In election terms that’s a really close. Because it was so close Florida’s mandatory recount law kicked in.

Bush led the election-night vote count in Florida by 1,784 votes. The small margin produced an automatic recount under Florida state law, which began the day after the election. That first day’s results reduced the margin to just over 900 votes Due to the narrow margin of the original vote count, Florida Election Code 102.141 mandated a statewide machine recount, began the day after the election. It was ostensibly completed on November 10 in the 66 Florida counties that used vote-counting machines and reduced Bush’s lead to 327 votes. According to legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, later analysis showed that a total of 18 counties—accounting for a quarter of all votes cast in Florida—did not carry out the legally mandated machine recount, but “No one from the Gore campaign ever challenged…” (Wikipedia).

This was met with a lot of 4D noise, particularly from New Mexico.

Though the popular vote went to Gore, a few precincts in Florida using voting machines. Many of those machines were connected to the internet. According to a study published by the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in July of 2001 ( “up to 6 million votes lost in 2000 presidential election.” That’s right; lost.

In New Mexico during the 2004 elections a multitude of suspiciously obvious errors occurred. Bush beat Kerry in the state by 5,988 votes. At least 21, 084 ballots showed no vote for the president. Dr Philip Klinkner ran the statistics for the US Civil Rights Commission’s investigation into vote irregularities in NM. According to him Hispanic votes were 500 times more likely to not show a vote for president. NM is 43% Latino. Indigenous voters ballots had the same problem; no vote for president.

In Bernalillo County, Precinct 512, Bush received 206 out of 166 ballots cast. Pretty amazing. In Precinct 558 Bush got 319 out of 178 absentee votes. The magic of technology.

Voters raised the $200K necessary by state law to order a recount. Then Governor Bill Richardson (accused of a friendship with Jeffrey Epstein LCSun-News and KRQE) decided to not go through with the recount. His point was the electoral votes from NM wouldn’t change the outcome anyway. In the next legislative session the amount of money required to petittion for a recount was raised to $1M.

On September 5, 2005 lawyers representing presidential candidates David Cobb of the Green Party and Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party petitioned the New Mexico Supreme Court to order a recount of 2004 election. The recount never happened (UPI).

Richardson didn’t seem to be concerned with voter confidence in the electoral process in his state. His relationship with Epstein may have been a factor. The giant fascists of Mordor were getting back at NM after calling them out for the 2000 elections.

Knowing the fascist giants of Mordor controlled (or handled) Jeffrey Epstein helps us understand many, many things (Abraham Carries a Grudge and Still Carries a Grudge)!

But what about Donald Trump? His court appearances for a lawsuit versus Stormy Daniels (BBC) was conveniently timed. It overshadowed accusations that an anonymous accuser had been introduced to the former president by Jeffrey Epstein when she was 14 (Forbes) during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to this Bloomberg report in 2017, Russian hackers had found there way into voting machines connected to the internet in 39 states. This article from Politico in 2018 repeats the warning. No electronic device is completely impervious to hacking – the machines should not be connected to the internet (also see Vox). Are they 100% sure the attempts were from Russia?

The question arises; does Vlad Putin work for Donald Trump, the other way around – or do they both work for someone else? There’s no reason to be a president when you can own one.

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