Influence and Control

Creating an event has the purpose of causing a reaction. The murder of Dr Martin Luther King was designed to start a race war, or “Helter Skelter.” It didn’t succeed.

Consider the rigged elections of 2000. Phil and Co believed they could control the government response to 9/11 if they had a sympathetic president. They got the Patriot Act as a consolation prize.

During the presidency of Donald Trump the Covid 19 pandemic happened. The response was a shut down of the economy. There were also multiple killings of unarmed blacks by white police – this resulted in protests, but again no “race war.”

Trump also deregulated the mid-level banks resulting in a few collapses. Not as extreme as 2008 but…. can’t have a socialist revolution if the economy is doing well. Can’t compete with BRICS if our economy is under constant assault.

So, do the giant fascists of Mordor think they have leverage enough to control Trump for their next event?

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