Race Wars and Jan 6

What’s the endgame of having a “race war to save the environment?” The main giant fascist (Phil; claims he was Rommel but wasn’t) of Mordor who’s been trying to sell people on this idea since 1968 worked for an oil company his whole life. It’s not really about the environment.

If there were a race war who would win? The government would step in and shut it down. They could arrest or kill whomever was a part of this hypothetical conflagration. They could also arrest or kill whomever they claimed was a part of it. If law enforcement or the military had enough infiltrators that could get quite messy for the aware people who might take part. It would be burning the witches 21st century style.

The January 6th protests lured a lot of people out of the woodwork. They went to the White House, ended up on NSA cameras and were allowed to run free for a while. Their associates and connections were determined with a little surveillance. Nice going.

Don’t feel too bad if you were one of those people ignorant enough to think Trump actually won the election. The Feds were detaining leftist protesters in Portland too. They collected personal information and set them free (NPR). Good ole AG William Barr sent the officers to Oregon for the same reason.

Oh, you thought they were on the left, or the right, wait….what?

They don’t believe in democracy at all let alone silly political parties. They strive to take over groups that wield influence, be they political parties, religions or movements. They feel socialism is the best way to create and maintain a dictatorship.

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