Spartan Infiltrators and Their gods

Creating a Spartan army consisted of taking little boys from their families and subjecting them to abuse. They were forced to fight each other for food, beaten and raped. At a young age they were assigned to service an older soldier (yes sexually). Their asses were probably grabbed by their pervert out of body “gods.” The Spartan army, often celebrated as a great fighting force was actually more of a force of oppression. Their cruelty was used to keep conquered states in submission. They were not unlike the SS Derliwanger Brigade.

He (Spartan subject) explained, “He (a Spartan soldier) lusted after my son. When he couldn’t persuade him, he attempted to rape him and abduct him from the wrestling school. Because the teacher was preventing him and there were many young men helping, Aristodemos retreated out of necessity. But on the following day, he outfitted a trireme, kidnapped the boy and sailed to the opposite shore where he was trying to rape the boy. He killed him because he was fighting back. After returned, he threw a dinner party.” The old man continued, “Once I learned of what happened and took care of the body, I went to Sparta and met with the Ephors. But they showed this no concern.” – Sententiae Antiquae (see for more accounts)

What would these Spartan rapists be doing if reincarnated today? Their out of body masters, after having groomed them, would send them off to join the military. Preferably after university so they could become officers. They could rise in the ranks or join another government organization – possibly even run for office. Any of these situations would make them useful to those who own them.

The Randy Weaver family standoff at Ruby Ridge (August of 1992 ) was caused by agents attempting to serve a failure to appear warrant. Trouble started when a federal agent surveilling the property shot the family dog. As the agents didn’t announce themselves Randy Weaver’s son Sammy fired at the agents. The agents returned fire and killed Sammy.

The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team responded and surrounded the property. A sniper killed VIcki Weaver, Randy’s wife, while she was holding their baby.

Randy surrendered and was tried for several crimes. The original reason law enforcement went to arrest him was failure to appear. Weaver was found innocent and won a suit against the government, settled for $3.1M. Charges against the FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi were dropped by a newly appointed county prosecutor. The sniper’s action was defended by then US Attorney General William Barr.

As pointed out in yesterday’s post about the Siege at Mt Carmel in Waco TX, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team responded to take command of a standoff between ATF agents and the Branch Davidians. The siege began on February 28 and lasted until April 19, 1993). Many of these FBI agents were the same present at Ruby Ridge.

The crude FBI agents urinated and hung their asses out at the Branch Davidians in the buildings. Maybe the standoff was with the Army of Babylon after all.

David Chipman, Gun Control Advocate, Waco TX 1992

BIden’s nominee to head the ATF was David Chipman. With some GOP pressure and finding out about Chipman’s association with events at Waco TX, the President withdrew the nomination. (see GOP Opposes Biden’s Nominee to Head the ATF).

Did you know? Livingstone Fagan was one of the survivors of the Mt Carmel fire.

Two years later, April 19 1995, zombie Timothy McVeigh parked a truck with a bomb in it that destroyed the Oklahoma City Federal Building and killed 168 including 19 children. The bombing was planned for the 2 year anniversary of the end of the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco TX. The action failed to result in a US declaration of martial law, greatly disappointing the zombie’s owners; Phil and Co of Mordor. The government did not agree with them.

Confused? Why would the giant fascists use loyal subjects in the government to kill people then use a zombie to try to start a revolution against the government? Actually, it makes perfect sense if they’re trying to take over.

For emphasis, here is Case Study 49 again.

Alexander von Falkenhausen

This man is Alexander von Falkenhausen (29 October 1878 – 31 July 1966), Falkenhausen was a German General and military advisor. He saw action in the Boxer Rebellion and was awarded a Pour le Merite while serving with the Ottoman Army in Palestine during World War I. He became an advisor to Chiang Ki-Shek (later founder of Taiwan after civil war against Chinese Communists). In 1937, during the second Sino-Japanese war, Nazi Germany allied itself with Imperial Japan. Falkenhausen was ordered to resign under threats against his family. He remained friends with Chiang, maintaining contact through letters, and promised not to reveal any military information that might be used by the Japanese against his forces.

Falkenhausen was remanded to the military and served as an infantry General on the Western Front. He was then appointed military Governor of Belgium. During his time there he intervened twice to prevent the execution of Belgian resistance fighters and was able to negotiate to keep Belgian Jews in Belgium. He offered support for a coup to overthrow Hitler, After the 20 July bomb attempt on Hitler’s life he was arrested and spent the rest of the war in concentration camps.

After the war he was arrested by the allies and spent 3 years in prison until trial for his part in the deportation of Jews from Belgium. He was defended by Qian Xiuling, renown for her stand against the Gestapo. He was convicted but pardoned after three weeks for time served.

In 1960 he married his second wife, former Belgian resistance fighter Cécile Ven

Timothy McVeigh

This man is Timothy McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001). McVeigh was the programmed zombie patsy who thought he planted the only bomb at the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in 1995. The event is known as the Oklahoma City Bombing. McVeigh had been present at the Siege of Waco where the FBI burned down the Branch Davidian Compound. He, like many others, was furious at the actions of Federal law enforcement during the siege. The subsequent Oklahoma bombing killed 168, including 19 children. The bombing backfired on the Controllers and helped reduce public support of those sympathetic to the Branch Davidians.