More Strategies

As we have seen Jeffrey Epstein, enemy of Nazis in his past life and brainwashed to serve them in this one, was pretty valuable. Taking former enemies and guiding them to serve is one of their primary tactics. Another example is Chandra Levy. The Case Studies are full of examples of souls in different stages of being reprogrammed. Sometimes this takes more than one lifetime.

Epstein served other purposes. One of them was to gain dirt on as many people as possible from the town of Santa Fe, NM. In 1993 he was guided to buy a property near there from which he threw parties and filmed people during them. One of his guests was former Secretary of Energy, Congressman, Governor and Diplomat to the UN; Bill Richardson.

The events leading up to 1993 are worthy of note. There were riots in LA in 1992 that didn’t result in a race war. Then there was a siege at Ruby Ridge in 1992. There was the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas in 1993. One thing the latter two have in common was the group of FBI agents involved. David Chipman, nominee to head the ATF, was part of the Waco Siege.

What ties these events together is the LA riots were intended to be much bigger. Letting the cops go was supposed to result in “Helter Skelter,” the race war to end our society. In reality it was an attempt to cause an over reaction to get the government to clamp down on freedoms and federal law enforcement the cover to make people disappear. Some of the people who knew this and sounded the alarm were in Ruby RIdge, Waco TX and Santa Fe.

Another point worth making from yesterday’s post is a very common strategy. If someone has a known enemy, killing that enemy is a way to set up the former. It’s important to understand the death of Princess Dianne would immediately be blamed on Prince Charles, guilty or not. The death of Chandra Levy destroyed Gary Condit‘s political career though he had nothing to do with it. Allan Dulles, enemy of anti-semites, was suspect in the plot to kill JFK.

Here’s one that should make me unpopular. OJ Simpson didn’t do it. We know he didn’t do it because the glove, possibly planted by an officer of the LAPD, didn’t fit his hand. He was an influential and wealthy black man. Setting him up to look like a murderer and knowing he would be exonerated, was a way to let off steam from the LA riots. It also gave racists the false indignation that a black man got away with murder because he was wealthy. The planted glove sabotaged the case.

Why don’t people buy the above? Because they refuse to believe in true evil. There are people out there who would order the death of a white woman who had married a black man and her new Jewish boyfriend without batting an eye. Some of those people are very powerful.

A third strategy is killing a target in someone else’s house. In this way the master of the house will be perceived as the one to blame. The soul will be stolen and relocated. It serves the dual purpose to get the master of that house to remain silent about the crime and not interfere with the perpetrators; a warning shot. They may also use a technique that would be readily attributed to another of their enemies.

Examples of this occurred in Boulder, CO and Albuquerque, NM. It is possible the masters of those houses were attempting to protect the souls in question.