Why Wouldn’t the Nazis Quit?

Why wouldn’t the Nazis quit fighting and surrender to the Allies during WWII? Historians commonly refer to this behavior, and indeed the very existence of the Third Reich to the “madness” of Adolf Hitler.

People have believed things in sheer defiance of logic. The earth is not flat and the sun does not revolve around it. The Russian Revolution was not a spontaneous uprising. It was a manufactured event with many actors and a lot of money.

The rise of the Third Reich did not manifest because of the influence of one crazy guy named Hitler. Revolutions, violent or peaceful, do not happen that way. They are heavily financed and organized. The real boss doesn’t stand on the podium. Why risk painting a target on one’s noggin?

Hitler joined the DAP (predecessor of the NSDAP) under assignment of the German Army. He was an intelligence operative after WWI. He was sent to infiltrate and spy on the organization. He took over and turned it into a political powerhouse. This wasn’t accomplished by him alone and we can’t be certain he ever really left the employ of the Army.

Martin Bormann (Case Study 42) was Hitler’s personal secretary. He used this position to control the flow of information to and from the leader’s desk; effectively becoming Der Fuhrer.

These guys don’t take their orders in the normal fashion anyway. They are handled, guided by someone who’s out of their body. Hitler was no exception.

Who handled Hitler? Someone who doesn’t quit obviously. Someone with a lot of experience, like one of the guys who handled Cortez and Montezuma. It’s always been the same guys.

After suffering a crushing defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad (2 February 1943) the German Army was retreating in front of the Soviet advance. On 6 June, 1944 the Western Allies landed in Normandy and began a push toward Germany. The Ardennes Counteroffensive (Battle of the Bulge) was overcome on 25 January, 1945. For Germany the was over.

On 20 July, 1944 an attempt was made on Hitler’s life. It really an effort to save face for someone’s next life (see The Real Valkyries). The ringleader, arguably Friederich Fromm (Case Study 26), was imprisoned and executed after 9 months on 12 March, 1945. The Nazis surrendered on 7 May – 7 weeks later. Being in prison never kept anyone from getting out of their body.

If one is a soul harvester like Abraham, one has people killed and keeps control of their souls between lifetimes. During this time they are taught to fear (through rape, torture and the shit show) and therefore love their “master(s).” When they reincarnate Abraham would be as a god to their subconscious or conscious if they become aware.

This is what was going on during the holocaust. It was also going on during the Spanish Inquisition, The Terror and etc. After WWII was lost it made sense to the Controllers to push the army to fight to the last man. The more people to die the more souls they could brainwash. Soldiers on all sides of the conflict, civilians and prisoners kept dying. This equates to more people that worship Abraham as god in their next (or rather this) lifetime. That’s why the Nazis didn’t quit.