Nuclear Technology Theft

You may have noticed a pattern in the posts from the past few days. The proximity of two persons to important events. The events are The Iran Contra Scandal and the Great Recession of 2008. The persons are Jeffrey Epstien and Fromm ( you know, big loud one running around who calls himself Rommel). Here’s a third event involving Epstein and orchestrated by Fromm.

We had sympathy for Fromm (that’s Abraham but not Rommel no matter what he or his goons say) back in 68. That was after the assassination of Martin Luther King by James Earl Ray. Fromm didn’t ride a tank, but no one knew who he was back then because he’s a liar – and the father of it. Fromm was a magic man in 79, with the bluest eyes. So, he buggered off to Saudi Arabia to work for Aramco, as arranged by members of the cult of rich white racists, to get him out of the limelight.

Meanwhile cohorts in the Fiefdom of Fromm playing the part of democrats and/or masons convinced Carter to let the Ayatollah Khomeini return to Iran. The sell was he wouldn’t try to take over and would be a “peaceful” religious leader to help calm the situation. The Shah had pretty much lost his marbles and was being handled to be reckless. Reckless in such a way the people were on the verge of revolt.

The ploy worked. The revolution happened and the Ayatollah, handled by Fromm, was able to take over and institute a cleansing (consolidate and control phase). He eliminated any and all competition including those from factions other than his own that assisted in the revolution. A socialist Shi’ite theocracy was born. Like Fromm who hates the Jews for writing the stories of his life as Abraham, was extremely anti-Semite. Fromm could destroy the Jewish state; his real goal.

Fromm, still being addressed as Rommel, was questioned on the other side as to why the Ayatollah was helped to take over. It was a useful arrangement was the answer. Having control over apparent enemies provided opportunities. The Iran Contra arrangement was born of this excuse. Weapons were provided to Contra rebels in Nicaragua with money laundered through drugs and weapons shipments to Iran, officially under embargo. Fromm’s cohorts blew the whole thing up in the press. Fromm had successfully tempted his Neo Cons into a ruse designed to embarrass the US.

The next 8 years were spent conducting the Iran-Iraq War with Saddam Hussein. Neither side gained much territory but both sides were able to kill off a lot of each other’s (or their own) people. Plenty of souls to pick and choose from to take back to the Fiefdom or be reprogrammed in situ. People born and raised in Shi’ite Iran would be less likely to revolt than those who remember life before the Ayatollah.

In 1990, Saddam invaded Kuwait. Somehow it got into his mind there would be no repercussions from the US (whatever possessed him?). That was false and the First Gulf War ensued. Fromm hoped the US would invade, remove Saddam and install a democracy in Iraq. This would naturally be dominated by the Shi’ite majority and would be indirectly under the control of his Ayatollah. George Bush Sr, and the coalition, were too smart.

Fromm headed home. Soon after the beating of Rodney King brought us the LA Race Riots, but that is another story.

Scroll forward to the year 2000. The Los Alamos National Labs were in the middle of a spy scandal (Slate). Someone had leaked sensitive nuclear weapons technology to Communist China. The accused was Taiwanese scientist Wen Ho Lee. Everyone in their right mind knew he couldn’t be the culprit. The DOE run by Jeffrey Epstein’s buddy Bill Richardson nor the FBI were able or willing to produce the real culprit.

In May of 2000 a controlled burn on a day forecast to have high winds caused the Cerro Grande Fire. Los Alamos was swept by flames and, extraordinarily, the building holding the evidence for the spy scandal was burned down. We were told the destruction meant the investigation would not be able to continue. What are the odds of that?

In 2000 China’s nuclear capability began to advance rapidly. The powers were sold the idea as a new cold war that would make Americans once again blindly obedient to their leaders. While everyone focused on China the capability of the Iranian program also began to accelerate. Iran began a clandestine enrichment program designed to produce weapons grade plutonium.

Iran is on the path to becoming a nuclear armed state that threatens Israel. The blame could be put, as planned, on the US government or the people of New Mexico. Now all the fascist sorcerers need is a political event that can go down in history as the “real” reason Tehran got nuked.