More to Watch and Learn (sorcery series)

Watching the puppet masters of Fromm hard at work making people on the other side rape each other, and rape them themselves. I’m reminded of Abraham setting up Sodom and Gomorrah and having the Pharaoh attack it with his army. Abraham went to great length to make himself look innocent of the event. Bereshit (Genesis) chapter 18 is a conversation for the masses they knew everyone could hear. Abraham doth protest too much. Fromm and Abraham are the same person.

Of course the Pharaoh kinda screwed up. He invited Abraham to the palace. Abraham and his goons figured out how to get the Pharaoh to do his bidding. Pharaoh would play god and no one would think to blame Abraham for screwing his fellow Jews.

It also reminds me of the Jews waiting for Moses to return from the mountain. Abraham had by this lifetime had built himself a place in the Egyptian kingdom while those still reborn as Jews were enslaved. His goons were attempting to make those who escaped look decadent. Abraham was playing god to Moses and giving him the Law. Making people appear gay to discredit them doesn’t work without a law against being gay; see how that works?

Can’t very well harvest women’s souls without a law against sex out of wedlock or men without a law against being gay either. The accusations don’t have to be true. The accused men and women can be raped and tortured to confess. They can then be publicly burned at the stake to plant fear in everyone’s subconscious.

Now Fromm needs a new “Hitler” to control and take the blame for his current actions and plans for the future; seems he’s settled on his son as a target. Imagine that.

The way this works is the vampires cling to his son. They act like they are his buddies. His son is teaching people about Fromm’s current activities. Fromm or the Pharaoh want to distract people’s attention from this so they direct the “friends” to rape the son’s ex girlfriends. The son hasn’t seen them in decades so they are under control. The Controllers use their minds to make it impossible for the victims to get away and the rapist “friends” have no problem catching them.

The whole show is designed to make people think resistance is futile. All of them, Fromm and the Pharaoh included are only human.

This is how the Controllers program the dead to worship them as gods. The dead, and out of body, are in a mental state that makes them vulnerable to suggestion. They will usually only remember the last thing they see. The fear (emotion) and mental lies (thought lies) they are fed will remain in their subconscious. This is an example of the big brains who can believe their own lies infecting the minds of the little gumby brain people.

The sociopath controllers, blaming the rape (terrorism) on Fromm’s son. He refuses to submit to their lies. The gumby brains (overpowered minds) will also blame Fromm’s son. This is part of the basis of Islam. It was adapted after the rise of Christianity. They don’t want to make the mistake of martyring anyone again.