Don’t Believe Everything They Think

In South Africa up to a third of the population believes having sex with a virgin will cure them of Aids (BBC). This has resulted in a rash of rapes of young girls and even an 8 month old baby. The rapes help spread the disease. 19% of adults in South Africa have Aids. Almost all of the cases are among blacks with women having the highest incidence (Wikipedia).

The medicine men of the region are the ones who spread the belief of sex with a virgin curing Aids. Where do they get that idea? Aids is a recent disease; ancient tribal beliefs are not behind this misinformation. The medicine men take or smoke whatever gets their crown open and they receive the thoughts of more powerful beings. The beings are just men, white men, thinking a lie into their head to afflict the black population.

Don’t believe everything they think.

Chinese and other oriental Americans have suffered attacks in the United States over the last couple of years. These attacks have been perpetrated by people who claim they are angry about Covid (BBC). The truth is Chinese American families have either lived here since the 1800s or are here to get away from Communist China. They have nothing to do with the creation of Covid viruses.

The thoughts put into the minds of these zombie attackers originate with powerful socialists. These are wealthy white men who also can get out of their body, suck up a bunch of chi and lie with pure thought. Oriental Americans dislike Marxism because they or someone they know have experienced atrocities committed by socialist governments. They have seen the dystopian societies Marxism has spawned and recognize the danger. Fooling this country into a socialist takeover is more difficult with Oriental people residing in our Grand Melting Pot.

Don’t believe everything they think

One way to identify a region where a powerful Controller is lurking is to recognize anti-Semitism in the general populace. The Gumby brains will believe whatever bullshit these fascists put into the atmosphere. Their brains are simply not cemented enough. The hive mind takes over. The wealthy male white socialists sorcerers may call themselves liberal, conservative or soicalist as per the roles they play. But – they are all anti-Semites.

Don’t believe everything they think. If you were taught it is impossible to lie with pure thought it was to make you believe their thought lies.