Abraham Was An Evil Economist

Who controlled Jeffrey Epstein? See Abraham Carried a Grudge

It’s important to see how the Emperor of Mordor had control over Epstein through one of his handlers (see Crime and Control above). Epstein popped up in the middle of some suspicious events at exactly the wrong time. People are interested in sordid tales about the young women and girls he used to gain leverage on the powerful, wealthy and famous. They don’t seem interested in the events he and his owners (handler) helped create.

One tactic used to create revolutions in history has been to attack the economy of the targeted nation. People don’t revolt against their government when they are happy. Marxist jargon about proletariats and the bourgeoisie fall on deaf ears when the economy is good. When the economy is bad it is more likely an agent de provocateur will succeed.

The answer: screw up the economy.

This was attempted in 1905 by Alexander Parvus in Russia. While acting to stimulate a Marxist revolution against Czar Nicolas he bombed the press with fake news about a Russian stock market crash. There was a panic and run on the banks that started a recession.

Not all revolutions are violent take overs. The National Socialists of Germany were elected into power then manipulated the laws, turning the country into a dictatorship. The Great Depression greatly stimulated the German people’s interest Hitler’s socialist message – until that time they were considered a fringe group.

The Great Depression began in October of 1929. The US stock market lost about 23% of it’s value over the course of two weeks. Roger Babson foretold the coming crash (his comments may even have encouraged it) based on the relentless speculation and easy credit of the Roaring 20’s. Hatry Group shares were suspended from trading on the London Stock Exchange in September of the same year. Clarence Hatry and his associates were convicted of fraud in December.

The ripples were felt across the world. By 1930 the financial situation in Germany was a catastrophe. The NSDAP‘s (Nazi party) voice began to be heard and the momentum would carry Hitler and his henchmen to power.

The US Congress passed, and president Franklin D Roosevelt signed, the Banking Act of 1933. The act help reverse the downward economic spiral. The Glass-Steagal Act (part of the Banking Act) separated commercial and investment banking. This was done to prevent the creation of dangerous investment products like junk bonds.

In 1999 Congress repealed the Glass-Steagall Act as part of a democrat deal with republicans to give access to home loans to more people. It is one of several deregulation bills passed during the 90’s and 2000’s according to this CEPR timeline (Center for Economic and Policy Research).

Over the next 8 years home prices rose as did foreclosures. The deregulation had opened the door for junk bonds and risky speculation. In June of 2007 Merill Lynch seized $850 million in collateral from Bear Stearns. The veil over the junk bond market was lifted. A chain of events began that led to the Great Recession of 2007.

Jeffrey was there

Jeffrey Epstein had been released from Bear Stearns in 1981 for a Securities Act violation. For some strange reason (girls maybe?) he was retained as a consultant. Epstein had a relationship with James Cayne, the CEO. Cayne said Epstein was skilled with wealthy clients. It didn’t matter that he was involved with the Tower Financial’s Ponzi Scheme that cost investors $450 million.

The fall of Bear Stearns kicked off the Great Recession of 2008, as intended. The Federal Bailout stopped the slide into a depression. The downward economic trend was intentionally created by feeding the right a discredited economic theory called deregulation. The economic result was intended to encourage people to back socialism. The puppet Jeffrey Epstein was a key player in this effort.

In 2018, then President Trump, with his new boss, signed Public Law 115-174 into law (CNN). This called for less regulation on banks worth between $50B and $250B. Silicon Valley Bank was worth $209B.

Those selling deregulation know it sabotages the economy, and that’s what they are after. Superstition and blind faith in the giants pretending to be republicans is a path to Marxism. Don’t forget, they call someone else Phil and rape him to cover their masters butt. Phil says he was Erwin Rommel, but he wasn’t.