Election Rigging

When the elections of 2000 were rigged results were made to appear very close; plausible deniability. People in New Mexico made a lot of noise about their suspicions.

When the elections of 2004 were rigged results were also made to appear very close. In New Mexico blatant voter fraud was found. Then governor Bill Richardson decided not to pursue the election rigging complaints. Overturning the vote in the state would not have affected the national election. The fraud came from out of state. The idea was to accuse the accusers. It was to lay the blame on those who were accusing the Controllers of election rigging.

We know that Fromm was carrying on during the 2016 election, trying to make it seem his son wanted Trump to win. His son had been referring to him as the “Trump puppet” for quite some time. Trump lost the election by 3 million votes but won because of three districts.

This election was also rigged. Controllers wanted it to appear to be Santa Fe and his son and obviously so. Why did Fromm want the Big T to be the president and appear to be someone else’s choice? Trump’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein (Vanity Fair) meant he would be in Fromm’s pocket. In other words, Epstein’s handler worked with Fromm. When Fromm didn’t get what he wanted from Trump, he stepped in and took control. He tried to buy the favor of the ones who wouldn’t give him mass arrests and martial law. The one’s he had previously tried to screw.

Trump, now being handled by Fromm or an associate, protested the election results in 2020. The QAnon group, also under new management, followed suit. The protests were designed to draw attention away from past election rigging. For added affect, the National Guard was delayed (The Hill). The protest was also intended to demonize election protests of the future.

The For the People Act has provisions to force State Governments to comply with safe computer voting practices. This includes ensuring voting machines are not connected to the internet. The House ratified the bill but Republican Senators opposed to preventing future election rigging made it impossible to rally the 60 votes required.

Do you think a future presidential election will be rigged?